Mrs. Apollon's Language Arts Class   6-A


Third  Quarter   Week # 7

            3/5/18 -  3/9/18


To be a strong writer you have to be a strong reader!


Dear parents and guardians, 


FSA Writes is  March 6 !!!            

We at Driftwood Middle, encourage you to make sure your child is in school daily for students ' daily attendance makes a huge difference in their academic growth. Students are to practice their cursive writing every night (Homework included)

Thank you again for your support in making this school year a successful one!

 Please note that this website as off 10/30/17 will be moved to the District Wide Student Single sign On (SSO/Canvas).  Please click HERE to login on SSO/Canvas.


Vocabulary Terms Tests are administered every Friday but due to our FSA Writes , there will be no spelling test until after testing date.



"You are here to learn. I am gladly here to facilitate your learning so boys and girls we are in it together to win it!"

Mrs. Apollon


This week's Target Learning Goal:  Informative Writing


This week, students will  be working on the following goal:


 FSA Writes is March 6th for all 6 graders.


Word of the week:

Responsible ( adjective) :  the willingness to respond appropriately, reliable.


Quote of the week:

" I teach you and you teach me. Together we learn to love to learn."  unknown


                            H. I.N.T.S. Elements  

      H - hypothesis (  judgement based on facts)

      I -   illustration ( Picture mind, visuals, something you can connect to)

      N -  Numerical Datas ( Statistics, results)

      T-    testimonies ( factual informations given by reliable experts, organizations)

       S-    similarities/differences ( What can I use as evidence in my writing?)



Reading Instructional Focus:

Context Clues, Author's Purpose, Main Idea.




study your notes on Argumentative/Informative writing components.



Study your Notes.



Review notes on H.I.N.T.S. Elements



 Study your notes.



Read an interesting book!


                There will be no vocabulary words for this weeek!----------------------